Covenant Alliance Church

Welcome to our Covenant Alliance Church website!


Dear CAC Family, 

While it is true that the provincial government has allowed churches to reopen, we have decided to continue online only corporate worship services for the foreseeable future. Please keep the Board in your prayers as they consult with the District, the local health unit, and government guidelines while working towards reopening the facility for corporate worship. The Board will continue to provide updates as often as possible. 

What we will be doing is the following:
1) We will be calling church families to see how their health is, what their needs might be and to see if they have internet access so they can download sermons and read devotionals.

2) If you begin to run short of supplies or finances become tight, please let us know and we will see how can help you.

The Lord holds us in his hands and in him we trust — have peace!

Q: What should we do on Sundays?
A: We encourage you to do the following: First, use this time to rest and build up your immunity system for the coming week.  That means plenty of vitamins, fluids and sleep. Second, use this time to build up your spiritual system through reading the sermon and God’s Word to be fed. Thirdly, there are lots of options online for participating in a church service, both locally and around the world. You will find most of our congregation online at ErinVillage.Online.Church at 10am on Sundays. You are welcome to join us!

Q: What about offering? 
A: The unfortunate part of not physically meeting is that historically our giving is extremely low. Unfortunately, the city of Orangeville and the government still like their bills to be paid so we still need to be contributing to the operations of our church family and ministries.  Here is how you can give this week so we don’t get further behind:
>> You can call a board member to ask how they can physically meet with you to receive your offering OR, even better...
>> You can give online with the following clear instructions:

Giving to CAC via e-transfer:
1. Go to your banking info online

2. Click on e-transfer

3. Choose ‘Add a new recipient’ and enter

4. For the email, put

5. For the security question, we need everyone
to use the same one. Question: “What am
I sending?’ Answer: tithecac1

6. If you wish to designate some of your funds, please enter a message with your instructions. ie. 100 to general, 20 to GAF, or 20 to Lizette or Lois, or to our Ministry Student David. Do not put a dollar sign on any of these numbers as it is not accepted. Thank you for you giving!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us!  That might be the best way to communicate as we will be frequently monitoring the CAC FB site.  Thanks and remember, “You are loved!”



God is on the move at CAC shaping and transforming our church family!  We are thrilled to be a part of His ministry in our community and the world and there are always new opportunites to display the Good News.   

Service Time: Sundays at 10:30 am

Location: 3 Zina Street, Orangeville, Ontario.

We know there are a number of excellent places to worship God in Orangeville and it would be an honour for us if you'd come check us out.  God has us on an adventure and we believe He will call the people to CAC who He desires to be here and who we need. pressure!  If you come visit us and our church family isn't where you sense God calling you to be we would love to help you find a local church where you can grow as a disciple of Jesus.   

Dress is casual because we want people to feel comfortable. We are your average, everyday, blue jean wearing, coffee drinking people. Our church loves God's Word, lively music and laughter.  We are all works in progress so "what you see is what you get" THIS WEEK -- ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.  We know God is faithful and will continue to transform us (Philippians 1:6) and work through us.   

We hope that you'll come anticipating to meet God and expecting Him to speak to you. See you soon!

You are loved :)