Presentation Ministry

How important is this ministry?

Worship of God is the most important action within the life of a believer and, collectively, the church. Corporate worship occurs when believers gather together to focus their praise, prayers and hearts upon God.  This often happens through the singing of hymns, Psalms and spiritual songs, which is difficult if you don’t know the words.  You are the “words” provider!  Important?  You bet!  Through your ministry people will be able to sing praise to God, pray as a congregation, read scripture together, follow sermon outlines, watch poignant film clips, and review important church family announcements.  On Sunday morning, your ministry is the main hub of communication for the congregation.  

A New Philosophy of Ministry

Often times we think of those standing/singing at the front as the “worship leaders.”  They may be physically standing at the front but you are partnering with them to lead the people.  You are part of the worship team!  While they are required to know the music and sing/play the right notes, you are required to display the right words at the right time. To do this well you need to become a Presentation Ministry expert and we can help train you so you feel equipped and confident for this important ministry!

Ministry Requirements

  • One needs to be comfortable on a computer.
  • One needs to attend the training seminar on “PropPresenter.”  In this seminar you will learn how to:
  • Edit lines in songs and announcements
  • Delete or add songs/video clips
  • Insert songs/videos into the order of service
  • Change background images
  • Adjust border and font sizes; bold, italic and underline text; change the font; add and adjust shadows to lettering.
  • Use the different slide transitions that the program offers.
  • It also helps greatly to familiarize yourself with the songs we currently are singing and will be singing in the future. Orders of service are available via Planning Center Online with links for listening to the songs.

Please Note: To assist in the learning of ProPresenter, every person involved in this ministry is strongly encouraged to have the program for their own personal computer at home to explore and hone skills on it outside the congregational environment.

What do I do?

  • On Sunday morning you will be operating the computer program that presents the lyrics to the worship songs we will be singing, planned videos, scripture readings and, at times, responsive congregational prayers if there are any.  From time to time the pastor may have sermon notes that you will need to follow along with.
  • Review the entire order of service so that you are familiar with all the different aspects of the service and ask for clarification as needed.
  • You will be responsible to work with the sound person to ensure the sermon gets recorded.  You will be trained on how to do this.
  • You are responsible for keeping the sound-booth clean and tidy.

Time Requirements

  • Currently, we are putting people into teams that are scheduled two weeks on - four weeks off.  We recognize many people serve in different areas and ask that in order to maintain your joy in service and not burn out, you allow yourselves two weeks out of six weeks to be without any ministry commitments.
  • Attend Sunday morning practices.  In that practice you will be able to review the videos (if there are any), edit the lyrics to songs and know how the worship team will be leading the songs on Sunday morning.
  • Please show up for your ministry promptly at 9am to make sure that you have the order of service, to note any changes to the service and that you are focused on what is happening and when within the worship service.

We keep praying for God to send us more people for this ministry.  It is a very skilled placement and we can never have too many skilled computer technicians.  Please pray to see if God is calling you to help us in this area of need and service.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact someone on the Worship Planning Team:

Marilyne McCaldon
Tanya Fenton
Pastor Joe Fenton