Sound Tech Ministry

How important is this ministry? 

Worship of God is the most important action within the life of a believer and, collectively, the church. Corporate worship occurs when believers gather together to focus their praise, prayers and hearts upon God. Without this ministry our church services would lack audio which enhances our singing, engages our spirit, and helps us to learn from God’s Word.  You help the worship service quality skyrocket and you provide a variety of options for creating engaging worship services.  Your ministry is VERY important to our worship times!  Through your ministry we are able to provide recorded services for shut-ins, sermons for download online and provide enhanced sound for those who are attending. 

A New Philosophy of Ministry

In the past, when church held to more traditional services, the sound ministry only required that the congregation could hear the organ, piano, song leader (if there was one), and preacher.  Today, the sound tech ministry is much more involved.  We have a variety of musical instruments and numerous voices to balance, sound and videos clips to play and the worship services to record.  When you take part in this ministry, you should see yourself as an audio/video conductor for the worship service.  The worship team relies on you to help them sound the best that they can.  Excellent presentation, be it audio, video or stage presentation, is the key focus. If anyone wants to know how to make the soundboard work, you will be the pro to ask!

Ministry Requirements

  • One needs to have an ear for balancing different sounds.
  • Optimally one needs to know how to run the soundboard, or a strong desire to learn.
  • A passion for making our Sunday worship services run smoothly and sound the best that they can.

What do I do?

  • You are responsible for keeping the stage area orderly with cables neatly rolled and tucked in for a clean presentation.
  • You are responsible for plugging in microphones and instruments as needed.Make sure that you have a supply of 9volt and AA batteries (to be provided by the Worship Planning Team) at the back for the wireless microphone and other things.
  • You are responsible for the setting up of the monitors and their mixes.
  • You are responsible to work with the ProPresenter person for recording the service on the computer which you will be trained for.
  • You are responsible for keeping the sound-booth clean and tidy.
  • You are responsible for knowing where the microphones, cables, cable wraps, mic stands and other sound-tech items are kept so that you can do your job with confidence and excellence.
  • You are responsible for keeping the sound storage room tidy.

Please Note: from time to time the platform is cleared for special functions and the sound team may be required to help with tear down before the event and set up after the event at least 1/2 hour before the beginning of the Sunday morning practice.

Time Requirements

  • Currently, we are putting people into teams that are scheduled two weeks on - four weeks off.We recognize many people serve in different areas and ask that in order to maintain your joy in service and not burn out, you allow yourselves two weeks out of six weeks to be without any ministry commitments.
  • You are responsible for attending worship team practice on Sunday.Make sure you arrive early to have the sound system and subwoofer turned on and the stage organized for the practice.Do a sound check with the worship team.
  • You are responsible for staying throughout the entire service to ensure the sound is done with excellence throughout.
  • Extra services.There are times during the year where we have extra services that require sound personnel.These include but are not limited to Good Friday and Christmas Eve.

Please Note: From time to time there may be opportunity for sound people to earn some extra cash if sound is required for weddings, funerals or other functions people may rent the facility and sound system. 

Please Note: It is our full intention to bring in some sound experts so that we can train people to use our sound board to the full extent of its abilities.  Also, we are fully intending to do upgrades to the sound board every year.

We keep praying for God to send us more people for this ministry.  It is a very skilled placement and we can never have too many skilled sound technicians.  Please pray to see if God is calling you to help us in this area of need and service.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact someone on the Worship Planning Team:

Marilyne McCaldon
Tanya Fenton
Pastor Joe Fenton