Worship Team Ministry

How Important Is This Ministry?

Worship of God is the most important action within the life of a believer and, collectively, the church. As an individual, worship is a way of life that should occur throughout the week giving glory to God through all that we do and say.  Corporate worship occurs when believers gather together to focus their praise, prayers and hearts upon God.  This often times happens through the singing of hymns, Psalms and spiritual songs, as well as the reading of God’s word, prayer and times of teaching.  As part of the worship team you help people refocus their hearts from the cares and busyness of the world back to the proper focus in life, which is God.  Through music, you help them connect emotionally to words that seek out God’s heart when they are burdened, or lift up praise to God when they are full of joy.  Through prayers, you help people connect to our loving God who wants to hear our prayers, move on our behalf and bless us.  Through scripture readings, you root people to the word of God which forms the foundation of how we live and how we learn about God.  This ministry is very important to the life of our church as a congregation and also to the lives of individual Christ-followers. 

A New Philosophy of Ministry

There was a time when a worship leader was simply a song leader directing people when to begin singing and when to end the stanza, when to stand up and when to sit down.  Singing can be part of corporate worship but worship is not just singing.  The worship team is responsible to model corporate worship for the congregation through being connected to the Holy Spirit.  We are facilitators who spiritually guide and assist people through prayer and song.  The congregation is not the audience—God is. 

Personal questions that can help guide the worship team in their ministry focus: “What moves me to feel connected with God?  How can we shape the music to blend with scriptures and prayers so that there is a spiritual flow to the Sunday morning worship time?  How can we assist people in experiencing our living, loving God this morning?” 

Reflect on worship: what is your role and what is the role of the congregation?  What do you believe biblical worship is and how can we effectively build into our worship times of prayer, reflection, singing, scripture reading, giving, and learning? 

Ministry Requirements

  • You need to have some musical ability.While we are able to help train people, unfortunately we do not have the resources to be a music school. If you are a singer we need for you to be able to confidently sing in tune and be able to learn songs.If you are a musician you need to know the basics of your instrument. All must have an ear for music.Of course, in both areas, the ability to keep in time is crucial.
  • You are expected to attend the Sunday morning practice before the service you will be ministering in.
  • Other requirements that can develop over time and are definitely important begin with these questions for you to reflect on: Do you have a heart for connecting people with God? Do you have a desire or feel that this is where God wants you to be serving Him?

* Future considerations for this ministry include privately “trying out” so we can see your skill level, how we can help you develop and whether or not you need more time to develop before you join this particular ministry.

What do I do?

  • This depends on whether or not you play an instrument and/or sing.
  • From time to time you will be responsible to listen to and learn the worship music that we sing (and anything new we will be doing in the future).These are available online and it is your responsibility to make sure you are able to connect to Planning Center Online.
  • Help put away music from the binders after the service you have served in.
  • Help with setup and tear down of the microphones, cables, monitors and instruments as needed.

Time Requirements

  • Currently, we are putting people into teams that are scheduled two weeks on - two weeks off.  We recognize many people serve in different areas and ask that in order to maintain your joy in service and not burn out, you allow yourselves some time to be without any ministry commitments.
  • Thursday evening practice begins at 7:30pm sharp.  We ask that you try to arrive earlier than that and be setup ready to go by 7:30pm.
  • Sunday morning practice begins at 9 am. We would ask that you arrive, be set up, tuned, warmed up and ready to go by the practice time.
  • Throughout the year we will have special services that we ask the worship team to lead us in.Some of these include Good Friday and Christmas Eve.For extra times we will be asking people to let us know if they are available.

Prayerfully consider whether or not God is calling you to this ministry and talk to those who currently participate in it to see what their experience has been like.  We are constantly trying to improve our group dynamics.  If you have any questions regarding this ministry please feel free to contact those on the Worship Planning Team:

Marilyne McCaldon
Tanya Fenton
Pastor Joe Fenton