Welcome to the sermon section of Covenant Alliance Church. In our church family we have a number of people as part of our preaching team. For some churches, the lead pastor does all the preaching. Here are CAC, we try to encourage and enable people to grow in their gifts, including the possible gift of preaching. Our pastor loves to learn from other pastors and teachers and will mine their teachings as resources for crafting sermons. These influencers include: John Piper, Timothy Keller, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, James Montgomery Boice, JC Ryle, D.A. Carson, David Platt, and Martin Lloyd Jones to name a few. We hope you enjoy, are challenged and grow through the teaching of our church.

In the future we hope to have sermon scripts available online as well. God's grace upon you all!

Video versions of our sermons, via Vimeo

Video versions of our sermons, via Youtube